Most Expensive Movies than Bahubali 2 in upcoming years

Most expensive moies than bahubali 1 & 2 are coming up but noboday knows this. Now, It will not be good to call tamil/telugu films a regional cinema because due to their big budgets and massive box office collection they are setting higher benchmarks for bollywood movies. Bollywood industry is criticised for its star-dominated/driven films and south-indian and other regional industry is setting new records with its script-driven films. Bahubali franchise (1 & 2) had a big budget (430 crore) but there are plenty other upcoming movies whose budgets are massive and they will surprise you like never before.

01 Saaho (2018) with Rs.150 crore budget

01 Saaho


02 Karnan (2020) with Rs.350 crore budget

02 karnan


03 Robot 2.0 (2018) with Rs.450 crore budget

03 robot 2.0


04 Randamoozham / Mahabharat Part 01 (2020) with Rs.1000 crore budget

04 Randamoozham



Now you just need to wait for this biggies and India will feel proud for this international level movies. All credit goes to these southern film makers who are so courageous!

Most Expensive Movies than Bahubali 2 in upcoming yearsPradip

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