Hello Friends, I’m so happy to share this news that my (a founder of acekiller studio) poster art was selected by ‘CHEAP Festival’ – street art festival in Bologna, Italy. Every year CHEAP creates a space for participation in the festival by issuing a call for artists open to not only street artists but also graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and visual artists in general. My art was printed in a poster format and pasted up on the walls of Bologna’s suburbs. For CHEAP, this open call is a way of investigating contemporary issues from the bottom up, fostering the cross-contamination of expressive languages, supporting active citizenship and collectively re-appropriating spaces in which artists can unleash their creative energies. This year, Cheap invited artists to explore the idea of “edge” through images: the edge understood as not only a geographical boundary between countries, but also as the utmost horizon above and below which we act, experience emotions, erect obstacles and build possibilities for change. This year the subject was ‘edge’. I created this poster art, Mockup - photo cheap

My poster art was pasted on the wall of ‘Bologna, Italy’. (bottom left)