How to achieve expected output in industrial brand design (small case study)


Acekiller Studio

How to achieve expected output in industrial brand design is guideline for new startups or entrepreneurs or amateur designers.

“Even if it is for the first time, go ahead like you’ve done it and you can do it.”

I just wanted to share that how we completed this design project even it was for the first time for us to do brand designing of an industrial brand. I will suggest this by presenting one of our project as an example.


JK Enterprise is a machine manufacturing and trading company. They were very interested to show what they do, in whole brand design but with minimalistic approach. JK Enterprise must be written in sophisticated style but its symbolic part has to be very catchy, stylish, edgy and sharp.


Our ‘Acekiller Studio’ team has understood the brief given by our client but we were very interested in seeing and experiencing the way all those machines work. We visited factory and noted down few things which we could use and incorporate in our designs. After the visit, we sketched out rough ideas. Those were very close to what we were looking for but not perfect. We were confident and sure about what elements to be shown and brought into the art. We aimed to depict ‘cuts, edges, shapes and sharpness’ elements in logo design.


It is always a special moment when you achieve something which you have aimed. The symbolic part you see is what we aimed to show ‘cuts, edges, shapes and sharpness’ elements and type in sophisticated style as our client dreamed of this logo. We again succeed to fulfil our clients expectations and that’s what motivate us to work more on such brand designing projects.


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