Brand design for fashion & lifestyle brand (small case study)


Acekiller Studio

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
– Coco Chanel


Zanna Fashion is fashion & lifestyle brand. Their products are related to females. They wanted to show urban patterns and dark colours which can turn out to be a luxurious brand. As it is not a startup and it’s old and aged brand with new and stylish products. They were very clear about that logo has to be a typographical logo only.


We were very curious about how to convey a message in a logo that brand is old and aged but its products are not. We involved ourselves into process of finding elements which can relate to this idea that ‘old is still gold’. Then it clicks to our minds that ’Wine” is something which is as tastier as older it is. And patterns has to be very edgy to depict its modernness and oneness.


Out of many sketched and prepared designs, they selected this current logo and we applied all the creativity in it. We incorporated the colour wine in a logo with its two main shades. Pattern is also very edgy which shows urban style. These colours are not going to be old in a future. Minimalistic style is also going to keep this artwork timeless. Zanna Fashion team was very excited with this new output and they decided to keep this as their final brand design.


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