We have seen many friends around us who are die-hard fans of apple products. Few of them might have sold their kidneys to buy apple products. But here is a fan of apple products who has creative message to share among other fans of apple products.

Pradip Savaliya (from Surat, India) was thinking about ‘swachh bharat abhiyaan’ and thought that what if he can spread this message with creative photography. Hence he did this photoshoot in his ‘xiaomi mi5’ and manipulation art to spread Narendra Modi’s message to keep our country clean. This looks funny but you do not rest after cleaning your iphones/laptops. We will need to keep clean our surroundings and country as well.

00PS pexels-photo-249324

01PS pexels-photo-306198

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02PS apple-iphone-technology-white

Friends, You do not need to clean just your apple products but also keep clean our country as well. This was just for an entertainment and creative approach from Pradip Savaliya.